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Februar 18, 2015                 10:49 pm


Singer, Songwriter and Painter

Münchner Merkur wrote on the occasion of my exhibition 2005 "Emotions" in municipal hall Gräfelfing:

[...] Elena Nehlsen has a very special way, to express her emotions: The artist converts them to paintings, paints amongst others  countryside, scenes or persons, which reflects special atmosphere and mood [...] "If I have an inspiration, I have to sketch it immediately. I´m always with my camera. If I watch an interesting scene passing, this will be also documented by shooting a picture", so Nehlsen [...] Everything which is important to Nehlsen will be transposed into art. Beside themes round people and personhood Nehlsen express problems which arise in the world in painting as well [.] and often the artist is not be robbed of calling provocation into play. It´s likely an appeal to alert eye, to tackle with the topic. Nehlsen is just an artist who tackles things with cosmopolitan way of thinking and has an eye for arising problems, who doesn´t forget as a result the individual person with its problems, thoughts and emotions.